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Full Contact Chess

Mom is at her sewing night, and Maddy is at Talia's b-day party, so I decided to play game of chess with the boys before bed. We sat on the floor in the living room to play; Josh was on my team. After some play, Ethan "ate" both of our Knights. Josh said, "Dad, stinka Ethan ate ow'a Knights!", and promptly tackled Ethan. I "talked" them apart and we continued playing. Later I checkmated Ethan (that's right, I prevailed). He lunged accross the chess board and tackled me. Josh wanted in so he tackled me too...yes, he was my teammate. The chess game quickly morphed into wwf. Of course, all that matters is that I won. Sure he's five and a half...a win is a win.


Book of Mormon Travels...via Jet Pack

Today Ethan was sitting on the couch perusing a "coffee table book" titled, "Light From The Dust, A Photographic Exploration into the Ancient World of the Book of Mormon". He was reviewing page by page, and asked, "Dad, do you want to look at this Book of Mormon book with me? It shows where the Book of Mormon was". I sat down on the couch and looked at it with him. Pretty cool. In it there is reference to rivers which he determined would be teeming with gators. When we finished, he thought for a moment and declared, "Dad, if I would have been in The Book of Mormon with Nephi, I would have used a jet pack so the aligators wouldn't get me".

"Good idea", I said.


Merry Christmas! - 2008


Santa at Tilden Park

Visiting Santa at Tilden Park is a Reid Family tradition. We're lucky to live close to some favorite Aunts (Laura and Katie) that join us each year. Santa is at the carousel, and the decorations reflect Christmas around the world. After we chat with Santa, we ride the carousel. It was built in 1911, and brought to Tilden in 1948. After a couple whirls on the carousel, we have hot chocolate and popcorn (yes, popcorn) and and play for a while. Then it's off to bed.

Amazing Aunts - Katie and Laura. Note Josh's faux smile. He was just doing time so he could get to the hot chocolate.


Point Lobos and Monterey Bay in December

Point Lobos is just past Carmel, and is a beautiful place to hike, or just watch the ocean crash against the rocks together. Surf up on google for some amazing photos. Monterey Bay is also and incredible place and we love the aquarium. Come visit. We'll take you.

Maddie has a pink belt, and has developed her moves by constantly battling back the boys. Getting good.
Hey! Let us go!

Dad is happy to have the excuse of a child at the aquarium. It's seriously cool!


The 80's RULE...I LOVE Wham!